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Our Current Games Catalog

Weathervane Games is above all a game publisher and design studio. We presently have eleven products in development nine of which are based around the fantasy world of Vrahode. Our initial game Vrahode - Age of Prophecy launches on Kickstarter in October, 2024. Click on the game/product below that you want to learn more about. Thank you for visiting!

Game Series

Five boxes, one game, and countless hours of adventure

There are five amazing games in the Vrahode games series starting with Vrahode - Age of Prophecy, an exciting story driven adventure to the world of Vrahode for 1-4 players (launching 10-24 on Kickstarter).

Vrahode – The Calteeryn Ascension: The Core Game

The core box of the Vrahode Game System offers a giant 50+ hour story-driven campaign, dozens of one–off quests and even solo mini-campaigns which allow you to explore Vrahode at the pace you want!

The Enlightened & The Enslaved: Expansion One

The prophecy of the Calteeryn is fulfilled but only now do our heroes begin to uncover the horrible truths so long hidden. But a greater danger begins to ensnare the world of Vrahode, and another threat, long hidden in the dark, begins to step into the light.

The party must find help to face these new threats. But who can they trust? Time is running out. The Calteeryn and party of Heroes may have to visit the places they fear most to protect the future of Vrahode!


How The Vrahode Game System Was Designed

In creating Vrahode, we wanted to create an experience for older kids and parents alike. To that end, we also wanted the Vrahode Game System to be pleasantly “low-tech” and focused on the shared goal of in-person interaction.

The game is easy to learn with an exciting combat system and simple physical setup. The large overland map is clutter-free and the difficulty adjusts based on the number of players.

Since the game can be played solo or cooperatively, the game will also scale its difficulty based on the number of Heroes present in the playing party. This is accomplished through the use of our dynamic Exploration Card Deck system. More players, more cards. More cards, more opportunities for trouble!

Say Goodbye to Fiddliness
& Hello to Dashboards

Vrahode features two simple dashboards for players and enemies. The Hero Dashboard holds all character information and the Enemy Dashboard tracks enemies. Vrahode uses an AI system for enemy behavior that changes from encounter to encounter.

Gear. Skills. Health. Afflictions and enhancements. It’s all managed in the dashboards, so you can forget about math and fiddly components, and just play!

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