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Vrahode AOP Box
As a new age begins...take your first steps into the fresh fantasy world of Vrahode on an epic adventure filled with dangers untold!
You answered the call in Vrahode - Age of Prophecy, now it is time to ascend! Are you the prophesied one?
Adventure Like No Other

Vrahode Game System

Vrahode is an expansive board game series and system where players choose from six play modes and four difficulty levels to experience the heights and depths of this mysterious world on your terms!

For 1-6 players, playtime: 45-120min, Ages: 12+

Why call it a game system?


We developed a robust tool kit for our storytellers to bring the world of Vrahode to life and we give that same tool kit to you for creating your own adventures! Share your custom campaigns, quests and heroes with others in the Vrahode community on our FREE forums!

Vrhode_Harbinger set_cavern 2.jpg

Under the Cursed Fells


Embark on a harrowing journey to Illnue in the first captivating installment of our Harbinger Series. Uncover the dark secrets that lie beneath the mysterious affliction that have befallen the Toreln. Whispers of kidnapped children echo through the Storm Watcher’s Forest.


As the main hero, you catch wind of these unsettling rumors and immerse yourself into not only a search for the missing children, but for answers.

Shadowed Seas


The tranquility of the seas has been shattered by the emergence of an ancient ocean goddess. With vengeful fury, she vows to annihilate any of the crafted races daring to navigate her domains.

As the hero, your mission is nothing short of colossal - gather the concealed fragments of a powerful device to thwart the wrath of the ocean goddess in this deadly second installment in our Harbinger Series.

Take your gaming in a new direction…vertical, with the Harbinger 3D Terrain System

vrahode set.PNG

The proprietary Harbinger Terrain System will take your dungeon adventures in new directions – up and down! With Harbinger, you can quickly and easily construct multiple–level dungeons filled with beautiful full–color artwork to immerse you and your friends into the action. Rooms, hallways, stairways, and every other trapping of a rich dungeon world sprawls out before you in three glorious dimensions.

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