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Harbinger System

Is your gaming leaving you feeling "flat" lately? Take it in a new direction…vertical with our proprietary Harbinger 3D Terrain System! Whether you are interested in adding the new exclusive minis, campaigns and multi-level dungeon adventures to your Vrahode series game nights or just adding our affordable, modular 3D terrain system to spice up the games in your own game systems Harbinger is the only system on the market that does what ours does, allows you to build up to five level deep 3D cave and dungeon complexes right on your tabletop! 

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Bring Your Game to the Third Dimension with the
Harbinger System

Harbinger is a simple modular system of room tiles, hallway tiles, walls, stairs and support structures that allows players, GMs and content creators a way to get their adventuring off the tabletop and create stable multi-level caverns and dungeons up to five levels deep!

We designed Harbinger to work specifically with our Vrahode Game System but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it with other systems that employ a 1” grid for movement! There are presently four Harbinger sets in development that all use a series of rectilinear rooms and halls for maximizing your options for combining them. Once we finish those up we will be introducing some rooms and halls with more organic cavernlike shapes.


No Painting Required!

Each set of the Harbinger 3D Terrain System comes with full-color vinyl artwork that affixes to the top surface of all rooms and hallways. The beautiful artwork included an alphanumeric code to distinguish each room or hall and also a handy 1” grid for accurate movement and calculating range of spells and ranged attacks!


Rail System!

All the room and hall tiles feature a rail system underneath that allows you to connect them in infinite combinations, using a small universal M/M key, allowing true creative freedom in designing the underground complexes and dungeons you have always dreamed of!

Stairs, both standard and spiral, are made fully functional by the addition of clear stair treads that allow for miniatures with standard 1”/28mm bases (or slightly larger) to climb or descend them easily.


Wall Tiles!

Each Harbinger set comes with a set of wall tiles. Walls, while used only seldom with the Harbinger system, are a great way to bring attention to points of interest, locations of puzzles/riddles or just to create an interesting vignette within a room or hallway. Walls come in double sided 2”, 3”, 4”, 5” and 6” sections so there will always be a wall tile to fit you dungeon design needs perfectly!


Vertical system!

Harbinger sets come with all the support structures you need to take you gaming vertical! The proprietary pegs we include are designed to give maximum stability and support to the heaviest possible gaming materials and accessories you can throw at it! If you intend to put a lot of stuff on an elevated Harbinger dungeon level…great, just add a few more support pegs to ensure that you are giving that level the support it deserves!

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