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Weathervane Games

Weathervane Games is a game design studio and publisher in Whitefish, Montana. Though our primary focus is creating and publishing our own game titles we also entertain helping others with their own great game ideas. We offer licensing opportunities with our proprietary Harbinger 3D Terrain System and Vrahode Game System as well. Weathervane Games was founded in 2021 by Jeffrey Irving.

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Vrahode is a Game Series AND a Game System

Vrahode isn’t just a fantasy world. It’s also a game system that invites players to create their own quests and expand the world’s lore.

Our “open door policy” allows players to customize hero builds or choose from presets. The world map numbering system makes it easy to create precise, and easy-to-follow quest chains across the Overlands, Oceans, and Underlands of Vrahode. Our terrain miniatures and huge assortments of flats and tiles will ensure that you can create an ever-evolving world where each encounter is different from the last.

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