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Weathervane Games is a game design studio and publisher founded by Jeff Irving in 2021. Our primary focus is creating and publishing our own game titles, we are willing to work with other designers to bring their games and ideas to life as well. We also offer licensing opportunities with our proprietary Harbinger 3D Terrain System and Vrahode Game System. Weathervane Games is located in Whitefish, Montana.

Full name: Weathervane Games, LLC

Location: 235 Antler Ridge Road  Whitefish, MT 59937

Founded: January 2022 by Jeff Irving

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  • What is Vrahode?
    Vrahode is the world where the Vrahode Game System takes place. We have created a unique planet, astronomical context, history, races, creatures, enemies, stories and quests. Vrahode and everything in it was conceived in 1990 by Jeff Irving when he was in college at Ball State University as a graphic design and journalism student.
  • How many can play at one time?
    With our thoughtfully designed Character Dashboards, we’ve made it easy for as little as one and up to 6 players to adventure together at a time. But don’t forget that a player and a Hero are different things. We recommend that, if playing the full campaign mode by yourself, you bring along at least three Heroes in your adventuring party. As such, you would be managing three Character Dashboards at a time. Feel free to throw this advice to the winds if you want, but just remember, the winds of Vrahode bite hard.
  • Is a game master required?
    No, a Game Master is never required to play Vrahode. Not only does the Vrahode Game System not require a Game Master, we’ve crafted the player count and gaming options carefully, so you can play with a group of up to six friends or all by yourself and anything in between and still access every aspect of the game’s rich variety of game modes and quest types.
  • How long does an average game last?
    The short answer is: 30 minutes to as long as you want. The Vrahode Game System is stuffed with value-added content, from single tile Errands that will take you no longer than sipping a cup of coffee, to sprawling Missions and other quest strings which could easily take a playing party an entire afternoon. What’s more, we’ve built Vrahode around the ability for players to craft their own adventures. Feel like playing a string of five minutes sprints? Go for it. Rather have a three-day marathon of enemy waves? You can do that too? There is no limit to Vrahode.
  • What is the Vrahode Game System?
    It is a rule system initially housing a four game series. It is designed to be easy to learn, easy to play with lots of richness and choices that don’t overcomplicate the experience. It is also a system that encourages fan created content. Players can create their own heroes, quests, maps, etc. Fan created content can be shared to a forum we provide. There will also be additional expansions and new sanctioned materials from Weathervane Games in the future.
  • How challenging will the Vrahode Game System be?
    While it is not the goal of our team to make Vrahode unplayably difficult, the series will not cater to those looking for a leisurely stroll through flowered fields. For many reasons, the Vrahode Game Series and System will be decidedly difficult. The “fail forward” conditions present and in many cases unnecessarily rewarding in so many other games, will not be present in Vrahode. The ability to mitigate risk through dice is nowhere in our game. Even the humblest enemies can truly threaten death for the unseasoned Hero or traveling party. In addition, many of the ways we’ve increased replayability and unpredictability in our series also contribute to an increased challenge level. All in all, Vrahode is a game in which every reward and every advancement is hard earned. But fear not, if things get too tough, running away from a losing battle and gaining some more provision and experience before returning is often an option.
  • When is the Vrahode: The Calteeryn Ascension shipping to backers?
    While our crowdfunding campaign is currently slated for Q1 2024 but that could change. If we decide there are details left to work through in order to provide the best gaming experience possible, then we will push crowdfunding back without question. Conversely, if we get things wrapped up early, we would be quite happy to launch earlier than anticipated. Regardless, we won’t enter crowdfunding until our work is done or almost done to ensure that all four titles in the Vrahode Game Series ship to backers soon after the pledge manager closes. Our team members are all tabletop gamers and have backed a ton of other board game projects between us. We intend to emulate the best experiences we have had with our own Kickstarter campaigns!
  • How many miniatures are included in the four-game series?
    A lot! With four boxes worth of sweeping epic fantasy story arc, the Vrahode Game Series has a host of characters who bring the world and story to life. In the four boxes, you’ll find well over one hundred Hero, NPC, enemy and terrain miniatures, ranging from small Hero and support characters to very large and complex bosses that sprawl over many squares on our Encounter Maps.
  • What is Vrahode: The False God’s Deceit?
    The False Gods’ Deceit is the third and final expansion (box four of four) in our current Vrahode Game Series. This closing installment brings our worn and wizened heroes face to face with the source of the evil threatening to destroy Vrahode. After four full boxes of adventure through unique and diverse lands, mind-rending surprises, and unparalleled danger, the campaign to free the world ends here in glorious victory or horrible defeat! The final box includes new and most-difficult enemies, the last batch of cards for many of the decks, Harbinger components to complete the four-box Harbinger set, a final Campaign & Quest book, another set of miniatures, and the deepest and most complex dungeon known to the world of Vrahode. What secrets will lay hidden in the icy darkness?
  • What is Vrahode: Facing the Storm?
    Facing The Storm is the second expansion (third box of four) in the Vrahode Game Series and directly follows the events of Vrahode: The Enlightened and The Enslaved. In this new chapter, our heroes face their greatest challenges yet, with epic twists and turns, world-altering enemies, and an abundance of brand-new content. New and altered enemies, new cards to stuff into existing decks, even more Harbinger components, another new Campaign & Quest book, new miniatures, and our proprietary Harbinger Dungeon Riser that allows you to place an entire flat at various heights allowing for deeper dives into the perilous Underlands—these are just some of what awaits you in Facing The Storm!
  • What is the Harbinger Gaming Terrain System?
    The Harbinger is a simple, modular plastic terrain system that allows players to explore three dimensional dungeons and indoor spaces. Harbinger tiles (stairs, stair risers, rooms and hallway tiles) are assembled using small connectors called keys. Stairs are made functional for miniatures (up to 1″ base size) through the use of Stair Tread tiles which are clear tiles that miniatures can rest on while keeping the stairs underneath at the proper scale. All room and hallway tiles are covered with vinyl full color artwork so no painting is required and grid pattern is also present for accurate movement. Plastic pegs of predefined lengths elevate tiles to desired heights. Each box in the game series includes numerous Harbinger components to build dungeons of increasing complexity. The second expansion Vrahode: Facing The Storm also includes a four piece dungeon riser that elevates an entire 18 X 18″ flat to the chosen height! Balustrades will be provided to give line of sight to levels below and open up the dynamics of inter-level combat! Future plans to further develop the Harbinger Gaming Terrain System are already in the works. Stay tuned for more information!
  • What is Vrahode: The Enlightened & The Enslaved?
    The Enlightened and The Enslaved is the first expansion (second box of four) in the Vrahode Game Series and follows directly on the heels of the Vrahode: The Calteeryn Ascension core box. Along with the second installation in the sweeping epic fantasy story arc, we packed each of the additional boxes with real value. Opening box two, you’ll find a ton of new enemies, new cards for many of the decks, more encounter maps, lots of additional Harbinger components, a new Campaign & Quest book, new miniatures, new interesting characters, and a whole lot more we just can’t tell you about without spoiling the fun! Suffice to say, we’ve learned from the sins of our predecessors who routinely hook players with the core box, then sell them expensive and lackluster sequels. In the Vrahode Game Series and System, we aim to exceed expectations with every installment.
  • What is Vrahode: The Calteeryn Ascension?
    The Calteeryn Ascension is the first of a four-box game series, the “core box”. It introduces the diverse and dangerous world of Vrahode, the extensive but streamlined game system, and the majority of the miniatures and game pieces needed to enjoy all aspects of the game. In this first box, you’ll experience unique mechanics, such as the Calteeryn, a prophesied character, foretold in the ancient unknown past to be born into the world of Vrahode from one of the ten crafted races and eventually lead the races in protecting Vrahode from a great evil. The origins of this prophecy are murky and lost to time as the game begins. The victory condition of the Calteeryn Ascension campaign, if you choose to complete it, is to help Calteeryn learn the ruhl of each of the ten crafted races and defeat the great lurking evil.
Cautuuk male final.png

Vrahode - Age of Prophecy

Vrahode – Age of Prophecy is your first step into the sprawling world of Vrahode! Experience the new races, enemies and compelling lore of this fresh fantasy world as you set out to discover what the coming of Tabuhl’s Tail, a comet that ushers in each new age on Vrahode, portends! Rumors of an ancient prophecy fulfilled and new emerging dangers are being carried on the winds as brave souls step forward in search of the truth!

This story driven game, for 1-4 players, introduces players to most of the mechanics, assets and gameplay of the larger four game series to follow! Choose to play as the Athak-uul Augur, the Cautuuk Spark, The Drelrhune Blade or the Toreln Shadow hero.

Release date

Vrahode Age of Prophecy is planned to launch on Kickstarter in 2024


English First Edition


Narrative-driven adventure; dungeon crawl board game

Developer & Publisher

Weathervane Games

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