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The fresh fantasy world of Vrahode beckons with a host of challenges to test the mettle of even the most skilled adventurers! While Vrahode offers a host of flesh and blood enemies, many of the dangers come from places you might not expect!

World as Enemy – Vrahode is a forbidding place, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. The fatigue of travel through harsh terrains, the unpredictable nature of the lands themselves and the dangers that devilish minds devise to harm you combine to make this a treacherous realm. Dismiss the dangers of Vrahode itself at your peril!

Inventory as Enemy – The road is long and there are many dangers, but there are also many treasures. Which you choose to keep in your backpack or equip may just be what determines your fate. With room enough for only ten items in your pack, and only one of them “heavy,” heroes will quickly be forced to choose which to keep and which to barter with.

Flesh & Blood Enemies – The Vrahode Game System, nine products in all, is filled with many creatures large and small that are bent on your destruction. The enemies are carefully introduced throughout our series to offer a continuous stream of new and increasing challenging adversaries to keep the games fresh and exciting from the first encounter to the last and from the first playthrough to the three hundredth! If you choose to play through the five games in the series and the four optional Harbinger sets be prepared to face sixty-three unique enemy types and nineteen ultra-challenging Legendary Creatures!


Where To Find Them

Vrahode – Age of Prophecy

This exciting introduction to the world of Vrahode, for 1-4 players, takes our heroes across the Overlands, Oceans and Underlands in search of truth as a mysterious new age begins! Face a wide range of creatures that swim, fly, slither and charge to thwart the heroes in their efforts, each with its own unique actions. At the end of the journey a fearsome foe awaits with the promise of death. This epic prologue to the Vrahode series comes with six ink-washed miniatures and forty-seven standees or upgrade to all miniatures with our optional Vrahode - Age of Prophecy Deluxe Enemy Miniatures Pack!


Vrahode – The Calteeryn Ascension

Fresh off your successes in Vrahode – Age of Prophecy, step into the bigger broader world as Vrahode faces a threat so profound that it will take the fulfilling of an ancient prophecy to face it…a prophecy that few even believe to be true! Thirty-eight unique enemy types and four horrifying Legendary Creatures await as you explore the eight distinct biomes of Vrahode, each with its own inhabitants! This massive core box to the exciting Vrahode game series features one hundred twenty-nine high quality miniatures and numerous ways to play!


Vrahode – The Enlightened & The Enslaved

The prophecy has been fulfilled and only now is the nature of the true threat coming into focus! Battered, bruised but victorious you push on to divine the nature of the disturbance within keere energy. All signs point Stormward as you steal yourselves to take on the vastness of the Saheer Reaches, a barren wasteland of dunes, dust and death!  This immense first expansion to the sweeping Vrahode game series features forty-nine quality miniatures and nineteen new enemy types. This expansion boasts six new Legendary Creatures as well which is more than any other box in the series.